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Pull or stay active?!

Posted: January 19, 2018 by Jake D'Acquisto

Every year between Thanksgiving-Spring sellers often pose the question to myself and other agents alike: Should we stay active on the MLS or withdraw until spring? The answer is yes and no. There are a few things to take into consideration:

-Price point

-Current market activity in that price point

-The condition of the subject home

-How fast do you want to sell?

The above points may all seem obvious but it's a very subjective question. Varying on the area, there are different cases as the marketplace is always changing and each home has something that may be working against it. If a home is in the $700K range traditionally market activity traditionally slows down. Under $700K in a great school district, inventory is lean and holiday months may not change activity. Was there feedback from fall regarding the condition of a home that needed to be dealt with? Might make sense to temporarily withdraw and fix or correct those issues.

Those that choose to go off the market may miss out on: a relocation buyer as they float in and out of the marketplace with no warning.  Also, life happens and sometimes local prospective buyers will move seemingly out of nowhere choosing to stay in the area despite being the middle of winter. The flip side is you may take new photos in the spring & start fresh, sometimes this gives clients peace of mind.

Those that have stayed on will have enjoyed a very active current market in the Milwaukee metro area with less competition. Homes sales percentages are higher than they were in 2007 according to the MLS. The 4 county area has eclipses the highest average sales price prior to the market crash in '08. Average sales price in 2017 was $266,304, 1.9% higher than 261,280 in '07.(per metro MLS)

The reality of it is you CANNOT sell a product that isn't for sale. Some sellers may be worried about accumulating days on market but guess what? Buyers today are smart and the agents that represent them can easily find out it the home has been listed previously. Read the feedback that's been provided and find a way to present the best product. At the end of the day most consumers will purchase the best looking, best priced homes. Makes changes where needed and don't let the "spring selling" mantra cloud your judgement.

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