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Lake Country Waterfront Property Review

Posted: February 19, 2017 by Jake D'Acquisto

February is almost over and it's pushing sixty degrees today, how Wisconsin winters are known to be in the Bizarro world. The housing inventory is at a stalemate partially because sellers that would-be buyers don't have anything to buy. In turn, the mindset for most sellers seems to be wait until "Spring" March, April, May when a landslide of homes become available at the same time causing sales prices to dip. Buyer activity in all price points seems to be active, but tame due to lack of selection. There are currently 65 active waterfront homes listed in the MLS in Lake Country, 10 of which have accepted offers and 4 pending transactions. Since January 1st, 12 total lakefront properties have sold. My prediction for 2017: the market is going to exceed 2016 for closed sales which is why my buyers need inventory. I need inventory and I need it soon! If you're thinking of selling please let me know. I want to work for you. I want to put your home on a pedestal by showcasing it on every avenue and telling the home's story to its potential and rightful next owner. If you're interested in selling and want your home featured on my monthly mailer (2700 viable recipients) we need to start talking soon to get your home featured. If you're looking for a waterront home and your target lake has nothing available, feel free to reach out and I'll find it for you!

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